4 Facts That Will Surprise You About Coravana's Handmade Jewelry

Regardless of whether you’re a loyal Coravana customer, or this is the first time that you’re browsing Coravana pieces, chances are that you’re curious to find out more about how Coravana jewelry is made.

We hear you… and we’re happy to share some behind-the-scenes info about Coravana! Read on to find out more.

1. Handmade in Israel

Many consumers assume that if you’re shopping online, you’re getting low quality jewelry that’s mass-produced in a factory in China. Well, with Coravana, this is far from the truth. Every single one of Coravana’s items are handmade by their artisans in a private workshop located in Tel Aviv, Israel.


On top of that, Coravana is committed to delivering items of the best possible quality, and we take great pains to source real and ethically produced leather and other materials for our jewelry.

2. All crystals on Coravana items are certified Swarovski®

When purchasing jewelry, it’s worth investing in items that are of good quality… such as Coravana pieces!


All crystals (big and small) used in Coravana pieces are certified Swarovski®. This is an internationally renowned brand that we’re talking about, so you can be reassured that you’re not getting cheap, knockoff crystals.


As a bonus, all Coravana charms and clasps are also plated in pure 24K Gold, 24K Rose Gold or Silver. For ladies with nickel allergies, our jewelry is safe, and won’t make you break out!

3. Highly versatile

Next, Coravana jewelry is highly versatile, which is why they make a great gift for yourself, or for friends and family. When you purchase a jewelry set, like the Urban Glam Set, you can choose to wear the pieces individually, together, or mix and match them with your existing jewelry items.

Some of our bestselling bracelets (such as the Daydream Leather Bracelet) are also long enough to be worn as a necklace, and even a choker. Experiment, go crazy and mix things up!

4. Long Lasting

All Coravana items are handmade using the finest materials and with the highest level of craftsmanship, so they’re more durable and will last you for several years.

To make sure that your Coravana items last, store them and maintain them properly. Be sure to protect your jewelry from knocks, chemicals, perspiration extreme temperatures and sunlight, and refrain from showering with your jewelry, or spraying them with perfume or alcohol.


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