5 Best Swarovski crystal pieces to Complement Any Look

Summer is slowly coming to an end, which means you can start diversifying your outfits and get ready for cocktails at sunset! If you ask us, there’s no better way to embrace the fun, flirty nature of this time of the year than to adorn yourself with one of these beautiful Swarovski element pieces.

These beauties will help you jazz up a simple outfit, but can also be worn with a formal and elegant look. In other words: they’ll match perfectly with whatever you’ve got on, and you can wear them day after day!

1. Dream Catcher Bracelet

Coravana’s Dream Catcher bracelet is a beautiful multi-colored bracelet, and it’s completely adjustable to fit everyone.

The bracelet is made of the high-quality SWAROVSKI® crystals. The metallic details are plated in gold, and the bracelet comes with an easy adjustable closure so that it’s easy to get on and off.

2. Stardust Leather Bracelet

Coravana’s Stardust leather bracelet is a more feminine bracelet.
This superb wraparound bracelet contains four leather strips and two chains decorated with small geometric glass beads. The top part of the bracelet features a large, shiny SWAROVSKI® crystal along with a smaller one.

The Stardust Leather Bracelet is more understated and elegant, but it still adds that extra something to a plain outfit. It’s highly versatile; wear it to work, a brunch date, or when you’re attending an event or a function.

3. Blossom Bracelet

If you’ve got a soft spot for bling, you won’t be able to keep your hands off the Blossom braceletBlossom bracelet is adorned with flower shaped Swarovski crystals and pays a tribute to this magical time. This gentle bracelet features Endless glowing SWAROVSKI® crystals and incorporates a large link chain connector, creating a movement in the bracelet.

Here’s what we love about this Bracelet: at first glance, it looks chic and classy, but when you take a closer look, you’ll realize that it’s a bit grunge, and a bit rock ‘n roll. You can wear your Blossom Bracelet on its own, or stack it together with the Downtown and Uptown bracelets for a glamorous, larger than life effect.

4. Crystal Flip Flops- Blooming Flower

Coravana’s iconic Blooming Flower Flip Flops are full of old-world charm, and they add a bohemian flair to any outfit. This pair features sparkling certified SWAROVSKI® crystals hand-sewn along each strap creating a flower shape. These unique design and interesting embellishments that are made in-house, guarantees these flip-flops will stand out in the crowd. You're literally wearing jewelry on your feet!

5. Initial Crystal Necklaces

A very special, personalized necklace, for you or for a loved one. An easy to wear design perfect to mix and match and create your own combinations.
The colorful necklace contains 1 beautiful charm: an initial embellished with SWAROVSKI® crystals & genuine gemstones, variety of letters available.

These pieces are thoughtfully designed and are meant to make a statement. If you’re a fan of “more is more”, and you love to accessorize with bold, one of a kind pieces, then they are definitely a good fit for you!

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