5 Gifts That Will Make Your Wife The Happiest Woman On The Planet

Here’s an open secret: women love receiving jewelry, especially if it’s from their husbands. Shopping for a birthday gift, an anniversary gift, or a “just because” present? Here are 5 Coravana items that will make your special lady over the moon!

For the wife who’s a trendsetter: 

Gift idea: Slim Hair Pin - White Pearl

If your wife loves reading fashion magazines and keeps herself abreast of all the latest trends, then she’ll love this hair pin that’s handmade with silver, pearl and SWAROVSKI® Crystals. PS: ‘90s hair pins are the hottest fashion accessory right now, and these have been seen all over runways as of late. Your wife will be impressed!

For the wife who’s embarking on a new phase in life: 

Gift idea: Good Luck Coin Earrings

Is your wife starting a new job or career, setting up a business, or making some sort of big life change? As her husband, it’s your job to support her through her period of transition, and be there for her however you can. 

If you’d like to get your wife a present that’s symbolic of this change, then we recommend the Good Luck Coin Earrings, which are plated in 24kt Gold and adorned with SWAROVSKI® Crystals. The earrings feature a beautiful coin with an embossed four leaf clover, which is said to bring the wearer good luck.

For the wife who’s happiest by the beach: 

Gift idea: Mermaid Combo Hoop Earrings

If your wife’s idea of a perfect vacation is sipping on a margarita by the beach, then these Mermaid Combo Hoop Earrings will be right up her alley. The earrings contain 3 beautiful charms hanging from the hoop: a starfish, a cowry shell and the famous scallop shell. These are plated in 24k gold, and they’re a fun way to jazz up any outfit.

For the wife who loves all things glam: 

Gift idea: Daydream Leather Bracelet in Taupe & Rose Gold

Help your wife embrace her glam side with this spectacular multilayer braided leather bracelet. This adjustable wrap leather bracelet is one of Coravana’s bestsellers, and it comes full of bright charms made of SWAROVSKI® crystals. The listing above is for the Taupe & Rose Gold version, but the Daydream Leather Bracelet also comes in Gray & Silver, Black & Gold, Pink & Rose Gold, and various other colors.

For the wife who’s equal parts edgy and sweet: 

Gift idea: Stardust Leather Bracelet in Black & Silver

What do you get for a wife that’s sweet but sassy, and doesn’t necessarily like feminine-looking jewelry? This stunning leather and chain strap bracelet, of course! The muti-layered wraparound bracelet contains four leather strips and two chains decorated with small geometric glass beads, with the top part of the bracelet featuring a large, shiny SWAROVSKI® crystal along with a smaller one. The bracelet is also completely adjustable to fit everyone.


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