5 Ways To Create Your Own Style & Express Your Individuality With Coravana

Our customers rave about our brand’s product quality and beautiful design, but the one thing that they love most Coravana is how versatile our items are. 

Want to learn how to mix and match your Coravana pieces, and stack your bracelets together to create your own style? In this blog post, we share 5 of our favorite arm candy combinations with you… read on to find out more!

1. Miss Daydream Bracelet + Gemstone Leather Bracelet 

We can’t get over how beautifully the Miss Daydream bracelet and Gemstone Leather Bracelet (both in Taupe & Rose Gold) look when paired together. 

If you want to jazz up a boring, monochrome outfit or add a feminine touch to your shirt-and-jeans ensemble, this is a perfect way of doing it. Time to bring on the glam!

2. Glam Leather Bracelets (Mix & Match)

All in all, Coravana has five Glam Leather Bracelets; these come in Metal, Pearl, Gray, Black, and Green. A lot of our customers start off with buying one or two pieces, and after falling in love with their bracelets, they come back to repurchase more to add to their collection.

Each of these bracelets are unique in their own way, and contribute their own flair to your overall aesthetic. For instance, the Pearl bracelet adds a touch of sophistication, and the Leather bracelet invokes a rebellious, rock ‘n roll vibe.

3. Downtown Bracelet + Midtown Bracelet + Uptown Bracelet 

You may purchase Coravana’s Uptown, Midtown and Downtown bracelets individually, or as an Urban Glam Set.

The Uptown bracelet is a silver metal mesh bracelet that’s embellished with small black SWAROVSKI® crystals, the Midtown features three big white SWAROVSKI® stones surrounded by smaller crystals, and the Downtown is embellished with small white SWAROVSKI® crystals.

While you can wear each bracelet separately (or with your other jewelry), we recommend stacking all three together to get the full grunge/glam effect.

4. Daydream Leather Bracelet + Uptown Bracelet 

This look features the Daydream Leather Bracelet in Taupe & Rose Gold and Uptown Bracelet in Rose Gold, which complement each other without being too matchy.  


The Daydream Leather Bracelet is one of our best-selling multi-layered bracelets, and it comes full of bright charms made of SWAROVSKI® crystals. This contrasts nicely with the daintier Uptown Bracelet, which is a rose gold metal mesh bracelet embellished with small grayish SWAROVSKI® crystals.

5. Romance Leather Bracelet (Green) + Romance Leather Bracelet (Black) 

Want to add a pop of color to your outfit, without going overboard? We recommend the Romance Leather Bracelet (Green) and Romance Leather Bracelet (Black); these stack together perfectly, and help to add pizzazz to your outfit.

These wrap bracelets feature three rows of mixed stones, pearls and SWAROVSKI® crystals, and they add a bohemian and feminine flair to any outfit.

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