Bracelet Stacking Styles

Bracelet lovers, unite!  

Here are some tips on how to bring all those lovely bracelets together to create a stylish look. 

  • Use a yellow gold chain bracelet, a yellow beaded bracelet, and a white gold link bracelet as your basic pieces. 

    • For work, go with a single color to make it look more formal but mix up the materials like metal and leather. 

      • Start off with an interesting and unique bracelet as your centerpiece. Then, choose others which will complement it in terms of shape, color or material.


        • For a bohemian, playful look, go crazy with mixing different shades and shapes. Go with bold color combos like turquoise and red, peach and teal and green and royal blue

          • Don’t overdo it. 4-5  bracelets are a good number, especially if you have a couple of thick ones. Avoid going overboard with the colors. A few vibrant ones will do. 

            There are tons of gorgeous bracelets nowadays. Express your individual style with all of them! 

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