Effortless Beach-Side Glamour: Let your Feet Shine!

Being a beach goddess is hard work - after all, who really has time to get their hair that tousled, or to hit the gym every day just to look “perfect” in a bikini? 

Luckily, Coravana has just the accessories you need to channel your inner beach goddess and look absolutely fabulous on the beach this summer: it's all about using your feet to exude confidence, style and beach goddess glamour. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

Fabulous Flip Flops for Every Foot

Coravana's stunning Swarovski-encrusted flip flop collection is for every type of woman.



Whether you're looking for something with just a distinctive touch (like the Seashell Cowry style), something to make a bit more of a statement (try the Crystal Rose Strawberry, complete with a Swarovski-encrusted strawberry) or even flip flops for a beach bride (the Crystal White Diamond flip flops are a perfect choice, as well as the Crystal White Pineapple if you're feeling a little bit “extra”) - it's all about using your feet to feel fabulous. 



And, you can pair your flip flops with every color and style of bikini - whether you're looking for black and sparkly (the Black Diamond style and Black Bling will be everything you need), something pink and girly (choose between the Rose Lavender, the Rose Strawberry and Rose Diamond styles), or even a very specific shade of ocean blue (the Blue Diamond style) or turquoise (the Turquoise Diamond and Turquoise Bling), everything you need is just a click away. 


Gorgeous Anklets to Make You Sparkle 

What's better than a gorgeous pair of flip flops? Gorgeous flip flops that are paired with stunning anklets!  

Whether you're new to the anklet game, or are a full-blown anklet fan, Coravana's stunning anklets collection has just what you need to pair with your flip flops!



For girls who like clean, simple silver, there's the Pearl Pure anklet or Crystal Clear. If straight-up silver isn't enough for you, go for classic with a twist with the Rose Gold Clear, Rose Gold Blue or Silver Savage

However, if you're looking for a full-on statement piece on your feet, there's a few pieces you definitely need to look at first - between the gothic-style seashell-clad charm of the Seashell Cowry anklet, or for something more colorful (but just as exciting and dramatic), there's the Mermaid Mix and the Silver Multicolored anklet.  



It's All About Feet 

Your feet take focus this summer, with so many ways to draw focus to them that you can't afford not to! 

So show off your pedicure, and make your feet sparkle - Coravana's foot-forward collections have got you covered! 

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