Get Gorgeous in Late-Summer, With The Sea and Sand Collection

The kids are off-school and holiday season is upon us: if you imagined you'd be laying on a beach somewhere, beach-goddess style...but in actual fact are stuck in an office, stuck with the kids or - worse - none of the above, then good news: channel all of your beach goddess glory with Coravana's late-summer Sea and Sand collection

Be Shellfish: Ocean Cowry Ring

Wherever you are this summer, you need you-time: this stunning, Ocean Cowry Ring is just the thing you need to keep one foot on the beach, and one in your every day. 



A gold cowry shell - simple and precious - you'll really be able to subtly keep the beach with you whenever you wear it. Truly marine charisma. Plus, it is completely adjustable to fit everyone!


Hook ‘Em In: Ariel Starfish Hook Earrings

Feel at one with the sea with these quietly beautiful Ariel Starfish Hook Earrings. Be the queen of the ocean (or of your any and every environment), while keeping that summery sea-breeze around you. 



Plus, if you're a true-blue ocean lover, the complementary Starfish Bracelet will prove it to everyone around!

Rule the Ocean: Atlantic Triton Bracelet

For a subtle, rule-the-waves type of summer beauty, look no further than this beautiful Atlantic Triton Bracelet. Layer it with other ocean-inspired bracelets, or wear it classic-style to emphasize its power. 



Make an even bigger splash with the complementary Atlantic Triton Necklace too. 

Be The Queen of the Seas With This Necklace

There are no two ways about it: you are the Queen of everything you behold. Whether you're the happiest while in a body of water, or would rather just stick to the shoreline, this gorgeous Queen of the Seas Necklace has everything to help you reign (whether that be on the beach, in the office or at home)! 



Featuring 3 beautiful charms - a starfish, a cowry shell and a clam, you’ll be taking the symbols of freedom, protection and focus, wherever you roam. 

Let your Inner Mermaid Free: Mermaid Combo Hoop Earrings

Channel your inner mermaid (it's ok, we all do it!) with these playful Mermaid Combo Hoop earrings. Taking an elegant classic (every girl has a pair of go-to hoops), and adding three gorgeous charms, these will keep you in the creation-mood...while keeping your outfit on point.



Even More Stunningly Summer-Inspired Pieces at Coravana

Just because you're not permanently on vacation this summer (and even if you are) doesn't mean that you can't get in the vacation spirit: Coravana's beautiful Sea and Sand Collection has a range of jewelry pieces for every type of woman - from the beach-babe to the sun lounge dweller! 

Mix and match the pieces to let everyone know you're a fan of the sand and the sea, or pick one or two more subtle pieces to pull of the summer vibe! 

Have a great late-summer! 

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