Gorgeous Gifts That Teach Your Young Lady A Thing Or Two

To those moms whose daughters think that “school ‘aint cool,” here are some fab school accessories you can gift your daughter with to lessen the sting of going back to grades, exams, homework and book reports.   

And to moms with young ladies who can’t wait to walk down those corridors of learning, meet new friends and expand their knowledge, these great back to school gifts are perfect for your pretty brainiac. 

Each piece can also be a personal little love message to your daughter as she goes back to school.


You’re A Superstar

You know how kindergarten students are given stars for behaving in class or doing something really good or kind? Well, why not give your daughter her own set of stars to remind her to do her best in school and to keep reaching for the stars in everything she does.


Never Forget Who You Are

Every person is different. And sometimes, young ladies who get caught up in teenage (or college) drama forget who they are due to peer pressure or to avoid conflict. Help them be true to themselves and assert their individuality with a piece of personalized jewelry that reminds them that being unique is beautiful and should be celebrated. 


Stay Safe

Although school should ideally be a safe space for your daughter, they could still come in contact with trouble in its many forms. And since you can’t keep an eye on her 24/7, why not

give her something which can protect her and keep her out of harm’s way.


 Create Good Karma

It’s good to let your daughter know that we create our own Karma. So remind her to be more conscious of her actions by giving her something that inspires good Karma. Doing good deeds for others or simply doing what’s right is an important value to learn while your daughter is still young. It’s also a great way to live and to cultivate good karma.


Have Fun

Yes, you have to accept that she will partaaaaay for sure. So she might as well look fab while doing it. Gift her with something that says “fun and fashionable” rather than “stuck up and boring” After all, people are supposed to let loose during these blowouts, right?

We hope this helps you and your daughter feel more excited and pumped about going back to school.

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