Introducing - The Earth Collection - Experience Heaven Brought Down to Earth

The nights are getting longer and the days are getting cooler - what better time to reaccessorize than at this time of the year? Change is in the air - and anything is possible. 

Coravana's stunning Earth Collection will bring you right back down to nature itself - with an added touch of sparkle, just for you! From stunning earrings and bracelets inspired by the night sky, to mystical-infused necklaces, there's something here for every in-touch with nature Coravana woman. 

Stars as Far as the Eye Can See 

Are you one of the more starry-eyed among your friends and family? Coravana has just what you need to showcase your love of all things up above! 

Most of the Earth collection's pieces come in a selection of stunning silver or 24 karat gold: the Mini Star Necklace in Gold and Silver is delicately minimalistic but still packs all the power of one brightly-burning star in the night sky!



Why not pack in some extra star power by accessorising your ears too? There are so many possibilities, for just the type of star you are! The Mini Star Stud Earrings in Gold and Silver are perfect for some classic, elegant and understated sparkle, while the Stars Constellation Stud Earrings in Gold are exactly what you need for multiple-stacked charm, without even needing double (or triple) pierced ears. 



Feel like your wrist is lacking a little? Give it some star power too! The Mini Star Thread Bracelet in Silver is so versatile it can be mixed and matched with other Earth Collection bracelets (more on that shortly), or worn by itself for some elegant, understated glamor. 


Moonage Daydreams for Every Coravana woman 

If you're more enthused by the celestial power of the moon, however - you'll be spoilt for choice! 

The Earth Collection's elegant Half Moon Necklace in Gold and Silver will wax and wane with your every outfit, or for a little added extra sparkle, the Crystal Wishes Moon Necklace in Gold (with authentic Swarovski crystal) can elevate any outfit to the heavens!



Shoot for the moon with these stunning complementary earrings too: the sky's the limit with several options: get the best of both worlds with the glorious Moon and Star Studs in Gold and Silver, or take things up a notch style-wise with the Black Crystal Moon Stud Earrings in Gold and Silver



Don't forget the matching bracelet! This gorgeous Moon and Star Thread Bracelet in Gold and Silver can be worn alone to channel the eternal healing power of the moon, or with the Earth Collection's star charm bracelet. 


A Little Bit of the Entire Universe on your Arm

Can't decide if the sun, stars or moon are more ‘you’? Then take the entire universe. 

The Universum Combo Bracelet gives you all the best of the daytime and nighttime, and it can be complemented with the rest of the Universum set: this stunning Universum Combo Necklace and Universum Combo Hoop Earrings will definitely keep you in-tune with the galaxies and heavens above!


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