The 5 Best Coravana Jewelry Pieces To Update Your Look

Stuck in a style rut, and don’t know what to do?

The obvious thing to do is to go shopping and replace your entire wardrobe, but that’s definitely going to cost you. If you want to update your look without burning a hole in your wallet, another alternative is to purchase a few statement jewelry pieces, so that you can jazz up your existing outfits!

For those of you looking for statement jewelry, Coravana’s got you covered. Read on to check out the 5 eye-catching items from Coravana that will help you spice up your look:

1. Daydream Earrings

If there was one phrase that we’d use to sum up these Daydream Earrings, this would be it: drop-dead gorgeous.

These stud earrings feature a smaller SWAROVSKI® crystal stone that’s linked to a big circle-shaped crystal. The earrings are plated in 24 carat rose gold, and they’ll last you for years as long as you take proper care of them.

2. Daydream Leather Bracelet

The Daydream Earrings are really versatile enough to be paired with any accessories but to complete the look, get Coravana’s Daydream Leather Bracelet, which is a multi-layered braided leather bracelet that’s fully adjustable.

Together, the Daydream Earrings and Daydream Leather Bracelet help to add interest to your outfit, and make you look more put together. You could be wearing a simple blouse + jeans combo, but you’ll still look glam and stylish!

3. Big Drop Hair Pin

'90s hair clips are all the rage these days, with pearl and crystal hair accessories ruling the runway. If you want to be part of this fun fashion trend (before the rest of the world catches on), check out Coravana’s statement-making Big Drop Hair Pin.

This drop-shaped hair pin is embellished with beautiful SWAROVSKI® crystals and base plated in silver. For a more eye-catching look, pair this with Coravana’s other pins, including the Blue & Gold Gem Hair Pin, Aquamarine & Silver Drop Hair Pin and White & Gold Plaza Hair Pin.

4. Universum Combo Necklace

The Universum Combo Necklace is an astronomically inspired necklace that represents the universe and cosmos. The necklace features 3 beautiful charms that hang from the centerpiece: a moon, a star and a small evil eye. It also comes with an adjustable chain with extension, and it’s plated in 24k gold.

This necklace is easy to throw on, and it instantly elevates any outfit. PS: It looks best with V-neck tops, so plan your outfit accordingly!

5. Urban Glam Set

Last but not least, the Urban Glam Set consists of three stylish bracelets: the Uptown Bracelet, Midtown Bracelet and Downtown Bracelet. Each bracelet is handmade with Silver & SWAROVSKI® Crystals; they’re perfect for the modern woman who’s a little bit glamorous, and a little bit rock ‘n roll.

The Urban Glam Set makes a great fit for a close friend, or even for yourself (we all need to spoil ourselves once in a while!) It’s also currently on sale for $145 (U.P. $167).


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