The Guide To Buying Unique Friendship Gifts

Where would we be without our besties?

She’s like the sister you never had. Your secret keeper. Your partner in crime.

She has your back, both in good times and in bad.

So when the time comes and you want to show your appreciation, it can be pretty difficult choosing the perfect gift which, for you, symbolizes your friendship.

To help you with that, here are some unique friendship gifts which can help both of you celebrate that special bond you have with each other.

Gifts to do together. Instead of buying her something, why not gift her with an experience instead? Something you know she would like but never really got around to doing it. And to make it even more fun, go ahead and share the experience with her. A pole dancing class can give you lots of things to laugh about after. Or a full body massage and mani-pedi treatment is always a luxury you’ll both enjoy.

Personalized gifts. Those inside jokes.That cringey nickname you have for each other. A special date only you two will know the significance of. These are the things that make your friendship uniquely yours. And what better way to immortalize it than to engrave it on something just as meaningful.

Pictures paint a thousand words. You know you have hundreds of photos of you and your bestie together, right? Why not assemble them into a collage or storybook or a photo calendar or maybe a giant jigsaw puzzle. Or if you have an absolute favorite photo or several, just frame it in a super classy frame and write a thoughtful little message at the back of it.

Best Friend’s Care Package. The idea here is to assemble all the favorite or meaningful things your friend loves and wrap it up in a pretty little package. It signifies just how well you really know her and understands her needs. If she’s a coffee drinker, include her fave brand or some gift cards. Is she OC? Get her post-its in tons of diff colors. Is she the crafty kind? Get her all the materials she needs for her projects.

Gift of Jewelry. Giving jewelry is a very personal and meaningful gift to give anyone, more so a best friend. It tells the person that she is an important part of your life and that you are willing to invest in jewelry, in the same way both of you have invested in your friendship. But mind you, the kind of jewelry you give her doesn’t need to be super expensive. There are a lot of jewelry that are chic and stylish but don’t break the bank.

So no matter what you end up giving your bestie, we’re pretty sure she’ll appreciate it simply because it came from you.


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