The Proper Way To Wear Anklets

When it comes to wearing jewelry, it seems like the lowly anklet (pardon the pun) is getting the least love. Not too many people seem to wear it, which is sad because a lot of people actually find ankles as well as nice looking feet, really sexy. It’s great for showing off legs as well. 

An anklet is a really pretty and attractive fashion accessory that isn’t too obvious or ostentatious. They’re like low-key jewelry that will look great with practically anything you wear. 

So if you’d like to give wearing anklets a try, here are some tips to help you get started. And if you’re already into them, you might learn a thing or two as well.

Color Coordinate. Make sure the color of your anklet goes well with whatever it is you are wearing. Or you can get a fine, delicate gold, silver or pearly chain which will go with almost anything.

What to wear. Anklets look best with short skirts, flirty dresses, denim shorts, capris, cropped pants and jeans, flared culottes or raw-hem high rise vintage jeans. While open-toed shoes, backless loafers, flip flops, cute sandals, sliders, sneakers or classic, killer pumps look great with them too. Avoid ankle strap shoes though.

Above or below. You can wear an anklet either tightly above or loosely below the ankle. To measure for the correct size, simply take a measuring tape and wrap it around where you would like to wear it. Then add a half-inch to the measurement. 

Legs and Nails. Wearing a pretty anklet will certainly draw attention to your legs and feet. So make sure your legs are smooth, shiny and free of any blemish or scratches. Also, keep your toenails neat and tidy. Get a foot spa or at least a fresh pedicure. 

Be age-appropriate. Choose an anklet that befits your age and style. Avoid fun beading if you’re over 18.  Choose instead a simple, thin metal chain or a pretty, bejeweled option that looks more mature but is still stylish. 

Be sure to wear your anklet with pride and confidence. But more importantly, always let it reflect your own personal style.

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