How To Layer Jewelry

When less isn't more

If you are one of those women who can’t decide which piece of jewelry to wear in a single day (because you have tons of them) then fear not!

Layering jewelry is a huge thing now and it has never looked cooler.

We know you love each and every piece you own, and we’re pretty sure each one is a standout. But now, you can go full blast and display your pieces at the same time without being accused of overkill or showing off.

However, layering is not as simple as you think. So here are 5 tips which can make your layers look chic and classy.  

1. Choose one

Layering is fun but don’t overdo it! If you’re going to layer necklaces layer only necklaces. If you’re going to do bracelets, stick to bracelets. Never do both at the same time. This keeps your look from becoming too cluttered and confusing. However, if your jewelry is very thin and delicate then go forth and layer! 

2. Wear different necklace lengths 

Create a graduated effect by taking delicate, short necklaces and combining these with slightly heavier and longer necklaces. Make sure you are mixing it up like pearls, diamonds, then a long gold chain. This will make the entire ensemble more interesting visually.

3. Bring on the bracelets

When stacking bracelets, you could mix a few bracelets which all have common traits like color, but have different styles. Or you can also mix up 2 kinds of metal textures. But do make sure that your bracelets have different lengths so they each have their own area. We don’t want them all jumbled up on your arm.

4. Put a ring on each 

When putting rings on your fingers, play with different thicknesses and weights. Or, put one ring on the middle finger and a ring on either side. You can also stack the same ring but in different colors for a look of symmetry. The most numbers of colors you can use is two. Or, wear one ring on each hand, but make sure their themes are similar. 

5. Jewelry, front and center 

Let your jewelry do the talking. Don’t clutter up your entire look by wearing busy prints or bright colors. The more neutral and solid your colors are, the better. Also consider your neckline when layering. The simpler it is, the more decorative your layering an be. And when layering bracelets, wear a top with short sleeves or no sleeves at all.  

Go ahead and get creative with the layering. It’s difficult to pin down which combinations actually work because there are tons of them, depending on the jewelry pieces you own. So don’t be afraid to experiment and most importantly, have fun discovering your own style.