About Us

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. -- Coco Chanel

The Coravana woman knows who she is, and expresses her inner desires freely; she’s confident, elegant, adventurous and free. She’s unshackled by societal norms, and doesn’t let anyone dictate what she can or cannot wear, eat, or do.

Coravana’s exquisite jewelry pieces are perfect for women who desire to live a life that’s meaningful and authentic to their true selves. Each Coravana item is lovingly handmade in our Israel workshop, and we only work with high-quality materials like 24k gold and the finest Italian leathers. Many of our pieces come embellished with original Swarovski Crystals, and you can easily mix and match our different necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings to create a style that’s truly your own.

As a strict rule of thumb, Coravana doesn't work with any middlemen and retailers; we only sell direct to consumers. This helps us provide fine jewelry at attainable prices, and achieve our mission of empowering women to treat themselves to everyday luxury.

Coravana was built around the idea of leading with your heart, and giving yourself the liberty to explore new horizons. The term “Corazón” translates to “heart” in Spanish, and “Vana” is a play on “Viajar”, which means “travel”. Here at Coravana, we believe in trusting your gut, and expressing yourself in a way that’s unabashedly you.

Put all excuses aside and remember -- you are capable, and you are more than enough.