Somewhere in 2017, when exploring the online jewelry market, something was noticed- a white space for quality styles at an attainable price. We're talking about thoughtfully designed, handcrafted, multi-element pieces that last a long time. It was then decided, Coravana will have one main mission- empowering women to treat themselves to everyday luxury. When you buy a Coravana  creation you become part of the Coravana family, it is the beginning of a beautiful relationship that will grow for years.

Our head designer Evelyne

Evelyne is a self-taught artisanal jeweler and designer with over 14 years’ experience. When Evelyne designs, everything is based on feeling and intuition. The complex labor and usage of many elements makes her style extraordinary and her designs one of a kind pieces. Every piece that comes out of our studio is welded, carved, cut, filed, & polished by hand, using only top quality materials such as 24k gold, the finest Italian leathers & certified Swarovski crystals, and most important, we give extreme attention to details. It is my belief that designing truly unique jewelry is based on one’s unique vision & creativity, and the ability to combine them together, so that each and every piece will deliver its own statement."

Coravana was built around the idea of leading with your heart, and giving yourself the liberty to explore new horizons. The term “Corazón” translates to “heart” in Spanish, and “Vana” is a play on “Viajar”, which means “travel”. Here at Coravana, we believe in trusting your gut and following where the heart travels.