Daydream bracelet

Why are women getting so obsessed with these bracelets?

Coravana's Daydream bracelets are on the verge of going viral, having amassed a fan base of thousands and thousands of thrilled customers...

Daydream bracelet

...customers that are so ecstatic about their purchases, they return to snap them up in all the other colors...

...and then go on to buy them for their daughters, sisters, mothers, and more!

So, what's the secret?

What is it that makes these gorgeous bracelets so incredibly popular?

Curious, I asked Patricia, who works at Coravana and is the co-creator of this dazzling piece of jewelry, to find out...

Me: What was happening in your life that inspired you to dream up this near-viral bracelet?

Patricia: Well, for one - and I know I'm speaking for a lot of women here - I love elegant feeling I get when I wear my more expensive jewelry.

But at the same time, I adore that understated, hair-let-down, relaxed feel of natural leather jewelry.

The problem was, no matter where I looked, I couldn't find something that fit both. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings... they were either too stylish, or too casual.

There wasn't something that was comfortable and simple enough to wear all day to work, but was still graceful and classy if I wanted to wear it out.

So I decided to create something that embodied both of these qualities, that would look fabulous (and get its wearer tons of compliments)...

...that was crafted using only the finest materials...

...but that wouldn't cost hundreds of dollars like most luxury jewelry pieces.

It took a while, but after a little searching, I found the perfect designer who understood my vision.

And that's how the Daydream bracelet was born.

Daydream bracelet

Wow, they really are stunning! I love those colors. Do you have just these three styles, or...?

Patricia: Actually, the Daydream bracelet comes in 7 different colors, so you can easily match them to anything you're wearing.

Daydream bracelet
Daydream bracelet Daydream bracelet Daydream bracelet Daydream bracelet Daydream bracelet Daydream bracelet

So, wait, how are they made?
Somewhere in a factory?

Patricia: Oh my gosh, absolutely not! Every single one of these bracelets is handmade by our artisans in our very own private workshop located in Israel.

And we only use real materials, like real (and ethically-sourced) leather.
The crystals too, both large and small are certified Swarovski®

Oh, and the charms and clasps are plated in pure 24K Gold, 24K Rose Gold or Silver, depending on the colors of your bracelet.

I love the Swarovski® crystals. The way they catch the light and sparkle... they're just gorgeous.

But, this is just a bracelet - right?

Patricia: Actually no! In fact, our customers say you can wear it pretty much any way you like!

See, when you unroll it, it's actually really long. In fact, it's just under 40 inches (100cm).

This includes the extra chain extension and easy hook closure so you can close it by yourself, hassle-free.

Daydream bracelet

So you can wrap it around your wrist as a lovely layered bracelet, but you can also wear it as a necklace or anklet. (Which is perfect, as summer is just around the corner.)

And because the charms and crystals are spaced at different points along the leather strands, you can always come up with a slightly different look, depending on how tightly or loosely you wrap it.

Daydream bracelet

Hmmm...I like the sound of that.

Ah, wait, didn't you mention to me earlier that you also have matching earrings?

Patricia: Oh, yes! I almost forgot.

I myself know how hard it is to find matching sets of jewelry. Especially when you have one large statement piece, like this luxurious bracelet.

And you don't want to accidentally wear a necklace or earrings that are too flashy that could throw your polished look off-balance.

So we also designed these gorgeous earrings. They're simple, but very refined, and use the exact same Swarovski® crystals as the Daydream bracelets, so they match perfectly and effortlessly.

Daydream bracelet

What about customer service though?

I mean, I'm sure you know how frustrating it is when you have a problem and can't get ahold of anyone...

Patricia: Oh gosh, don't get me started! That drives me nuts!

Well, that's not an issue here. Like I always say, we're not happy unless you're happy. So even if you change your mind on your order, you can cancel or change it within 24 hours.

And we keep chacking in on you to make sure you're absolutely satisfied.

Even after you receive your items, a member of our customer service team will email you to make sure that everything is alright and to answer any questions you may have.

And in the (rare) event that someone isn't happy? We take immediate action to make sure that they are.

Daydream bracelet

OK, so let's say if I were to order one right now... how long would shipping take?

Patricia: It takes around 10-15 days, depending on where you live.

But we send you your tracking number via email as soon as your order is posted, so you'll know when to look out for your package in the mail.

We also have a fast shipping option with Fedex which takes only 3-5 days.

Daydream bracelet

And one more thing about shipping.
How much does it cost?

Patricia: Right, so our premium shipping (which includes tracking) is just $7.00. But if your order value is over $100, shipping is absolutely free

OK, you got me. I'm hooked. How can I get mine?

Patricia: We sell them right here in our online shop. This way, you'll know 100% that you're getting an original Daydream bracelet in perfect condition. View the Collection

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Daydream bracelet

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