How To Choose The Perfect Necklace Based On Your Neckline



Let’s say you just bought yourself a dress which fits you perfectly. Now, all you need to do to complete the look is to choose which necklace to wear with it.

Unfortunately, there are so many different styles of necklaces. So choosing the right one can be rather confusing.  

It isn’t enough that the necklace is simply seen. It should also flatter and compliment  the neckline.

Here’s a simple guide to help you pair the right necklace with your neckline.

1. V Necklines. They draw attention to your chest, so your necklace should do the same. Make sure the pendant of a V necklace should match the shape of a V.

2. Scoop Necklines. These have a lot of bare skin exposed so a choker would go perfect with it. Chokers also look good on clothes that leave your chest or shoulders bare

3. Crew Neckline. This round shape is very versatile. The trick here is to play with the length of the necklace. A cute short chain with a dainty pendant would look great.

4. Sweetheart Neckline. This lovely neckline emphasizes your neck, shoulders and sometimes cleavage. Go with necklaces with soft curved edges and a wide pendant.

5. Square Neckline. Almost any necklace will work with this shape. A short or long chain works, as well as with or without a pendant. A combi of long and short is great!


Now that we’ve matched the necklaces with the necklines, do also consider that the necklace you wear should also depend on the occasion, the time of day, the length of your neck and the shape of your face and the color and style of your outfit.

So don’t be scared to mix and match on your own. After all, it’s you who know your sense of style the best.