How To Take That Perfect Selfie

If you’re like me, you’ve probably taken enough selfies to last you a lifetime, right? And that’s just in a span of 3 week (or less).

But how many have you deleted simply because it wasn’t good or pretty or Insta-worthy enough?

Taking the perfect selfie requires a whole lot of trial and error. So,  we’re gonna try to help you minimize that.

For the remaining 5% who are selfie newbies, here are some basic tips to help you take an awesome one.

Lights, Camera, Selfie. Lighting is everything. You need natural, good lighting, Turn towards a window with natural light streaming in or go outdoors and enjoy the sun on your face.  The right kind of lighting makes under eye circles disappear. Also, avoid shadows.

Head’s Up! Look up towards the camera and slightly raise your eyebrows to make your eyes look bigger. Then think of your happy place or something that makes you smile and click away!

Be like a giraffe. Extend your head away from your neck. This lengthens your neck and makes your jawline look sharper. Also, tilting your head at a 15 degree angle to the right makes the shot look more interesting!

Blown away. Before taking a selfie, relax your mouth and exhale. Blow air through your lips first. Whether you’re doing a duck face, a pout or posing open mouthed with a slightly toothy pose or mouth fully closed this’ll relax your puckers and keep your mouth from looking tense.

Au naturel. The moment before you snap that selfie, say “yassss” in your head if you’re feelin’ it. You can also keep your eyes shut right before you take a shot. Or if you’re feeling kinda stiff then just walk away. Then step into the fame again and snap quickly. You’ll be less self conscious and your expression will look fresh and natural.

If you’d like a little more ooomph to your selfie then you can always add a little bling to give it that extra glam.

Remember though that selfies don’t always have to look pretty or gorg or picture perfect. Capturing real life with all its imperfections can tell a pretty beautiful selfie story as well.