How To Achieve That Office Chic Look Without Looking Too Flashy

 Getting ready to slay 5 days a week at the office is tough. There are reports to be written, meetings to attend, decisions to make, co-workers to interact with and bosses to impress,  just to name a few of its challenges.  

There's already a lot of stress and pressure going on, and you certainly don't need more from having to decide what jewelry to wear with your office outfit.

So here is a short guide on the appropriate jewelry to put on during those days when you're off to your workplace.

Some basic Do's is always to wear something that you feel comfortable in. And the more hassle-free and low-maintenance it is, the better. Don't wear more than three pieces, though. 

1. Regular Office Hours. If it's just going to be another regular day at work, then make sure you wear either a necklace or a pair of earrings only. Wearing both could seem a tad much. Remember you want to look businesslike and professional, not like someone who just cleaned out a jewelry store. 

2. See you at the Conference Room. Meetings are an excellent opportunity to impress your boss or co-workers with your superior office skills.  It is also a chance for you to stand out and be noticed. So your jewelry should communicate a "take me seriously" vibe. You can wear no-nonsense earrings or a simple bracelet to emphasize your hand gestures. 

3. Business dinner. These meals usually take place at a classy resto so make sure you change your jewelry into something more chic and stylish while still looking professional and confident. It's okay to wear something a little less conventional and little more striking. Stud earrings are too basic for this occasion. Go with something a little flashier and sophisticated. 

4. After Office Affair

And now the fun begins. For events like these, it's great to let your real personality stand out without having to worry about proper office etiquette (at least for a few hours).  Wearing one particular statement piece will allow your real personality shine through, proving that you are not just another office drone. 

Remember that, even though jewelry can give you that added shine and glimmer your officemates can see,  what is always more dazzling is your excellent output at work.