What Jewelry To Wear With Your Strapless Dress



Now that summer is here, you’ll prolly find yourself wearing strapless dresses more often, right?

And, to make sure you do justice to your outfit, you’ve gotta have the right jewelry to go with it. The kind of jewelry that doesn’t compete with your look but instead complements it.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right bling that’ll make you look smashing.

1. Choose a piece of jewelry which can become the focal point of your entire look. It could be a jeweled necklace, chandelier earrings or a bold bracelet.

2. Long chain necklaces or those with pendants that hit midchest or almost reach the waistline are so hot right now, even celebrities have been seen wearing them with bare-shoulder dresses.

3. If your dress is printed or has a pattern, more subtle jewelry will complement it nicely. Delicate chain necklaces,  bracelets or stud earrings should do the trick.

4. For a modern look, you can let your soft, smooth skin be the main attraction by keeping your neckline bare. But if you feel like wearing jewelry, keep the focus on a single piece like a stunning bracelet.

5. If you want to go retro, nothing says this look more than a matching set whether it is a necklace and bracelet or earrings and necklace.